Will product management be gone shortly?

Product management has been around since the McElroy P&G memo initiated the role back in 1931. But will it be gone soon?!

Some people claim that with the competence and models built up around UX connecting with strategy you do not need product management anymore. Some other say that all you need is a SCRUM team with a product owner.

On the other hand some other say that product management will take the lead of the company? It is the product that the company makes money from anyway – so the product management function must be the most important – right?


One fact is that the capabilities related to product management deliver will be more and more important as companies become more and more competitive operating in a global market. This should lead to a focus on building the skills and methods used and also an increased expectation of delivery from product management.

This is perhaps what we see today in California now where the product management skills is highly sought for – same trend as in Sweden! And you can not just say that you are a product manager any more – you need to be able to prove that you have taken some training in how to do product management and preferably combined with some experience.

Certified Product Manager - ISPMA Foundation Level 

Different styles of Product Management

I think product management will continue to evolve and that there will be different product management styles depending on the type of products and the industry that you work in. There are big differences between working with SaaS products and Cargo trucks. Different degrees of freedom like different time perspectives, investments needed, different organizational constraints etc. This has a direct impact on the ways you can/need to work.

Will this break up product management in two schools? Or more?

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About Bo Tiderman

Bo has a focus on Product Strategies and Product Marketing. He has previously worked as a Product Manager, Marketing Director, President and Strategy Consultant in technology and consultant companies.

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