Create Market Insight using Driving Forces

By Magnus Billgren | 27 juni 2017

The decisions you as Product manager are taking will have an impact on your product for many years to come. Product success is often derived from great market insight and understanding of how the market will develop over coming years. 

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Understanding the power of Value

By Magnus Billgren | 21 juni 2017

In my work with product management I often see poorly designed Value concepts that  become useless. This is because we turn the Value-work into a philosophical discussion rather than a business driven. 

When asking people “What is Value?”, most would probably propose a valid explanation. As a consequence of that, we could have thousands of potentially good definitions of Value. Most definitions would be able to stress different aspects of value, and would approach the word from different angles. Read More >

Value based pricing – or not?

By Bo Tiderman | 25 april 2017

Value based pricing is claimed to be the way to price the products. The argument is obvious – value is typically what customers pay for! But how many companies actually do value based pricing?

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The answer to successful pricing and marketing:  Your Value Logic

By Magnus Billgren | 16 november 2015

Pricing is a new game. The market today allows many different pricing models.

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How to communicate a crisp product value?

By Erik Bjernulf | 10 november 2015

-In my current assignment as interim vP product management we often discuss how to communicate THE VALUE of our product.

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