Produktchef versus Product Owner

By Petra Färm | 26 september 2018

I vårt dagliga arbete som konsulter inom produktledning träffar vi på många företag som befinner sig på resan från ett traditionellt projekt styrt arbetssätt till ett agilt arbetssätt. Under denna resa stöter alla på små och stora utmaningar som ger upphov till en mängd frågor. En av de återkommande frågorna vi ofta får är vad skillnaden mellan en agil ”Product Owner” och en produktchef är.

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Are you the world’s best product manager?

By Magnus Billgren | 07 december 2016

What is required in terms of knowledge and competences to become  successful as a product manager? After all meetings and discussions with product managers, it has become clearer what the demands are.

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First 30 days as Product Manager

By Magnus Billgren | 16 november 2016

 What is actually the first thing to do as a new product manager? This material is for you, or you can send it to someone who is new in the role as  product manager. If you already are an experienced product manager this can help you reflect on your position.

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Where do Product Managers come from?

By Erik Bjernulf | 03 november 2016
A total of 100 product managers in Swedish Tech Companies were (“randomly”) selected. We found the following information in their LinkedIN profiles:
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Does it make any difference who the (product) manager is?

By Erik Bjernulf | 14 september 2016

Skills sets required from a successful Product Manager

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The Product Manager – Master of Everything?

By Thomas Johansson | 04 juli 2016

Core skills matter when recruiting the rare breed!

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What should a Product Manager do?

By Erik Bjernulf | 22 mars 2016

Right now I am supporting a number of technology companies where the product management organization is being established. Successful startups or more mature organizations where management want to migrate from a project (single-customer) focus to a product (multiple customers in a market) focus.

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Daily Product Management Pains

By Erik Bjernulf | 15 mars 2016

Which are the most common daily challenges for a product manager? In the 90-ties project management was established as a true profession with commonly required certification procedures. Today – we see a similar development for the product management role.

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Landing your dream job in Product Management

By Magnus Billgren | 03 mars 2016

The Tolpagorni mission is to increase salaries of Product Managers. We believe that money represent the best indicator for the value we deliver in our role. (I have however met more than one CEO where this indicator was not relevant).

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What does a Product Manager need to manage a product leap?

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 29 februari 2016

The Product Managers’ answer to how you manage a product leap and other interesting findings from this year’s Product Management survey.

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