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Rethinking Agile in Times of Crises

The beginning of 2020, what seems to be so long ago now, was a time everything seemed so normal. Traveling for conferences or sales meetings was...

Lever du med PowerPoint drömmar?

Under årens lopp har vi sett en rad olika strategier. Vi har sett Roadmappen med obegränsade resurser. Den säljfokuserade-självmordsstrategin....

Part 3: Video and Product Marketing

Here is our third installment to Product Marketing for Product Managers series. If you are new,  check out our other blog posts on Product...

Is your Strategy a PowerPoint Dream?

At Tolpagorni, we’ve made it our business to develop product strategies, advising companies on how best to navigate the road to success. Over the...

Reusable Product Management to vitalize you product

There is a hidden strategy that we often find among the top performing product managers in technology intensive businesses. The strategy enables...

6 - Minute Meeting – My Take

Last week, Magnus Billgren, our CEO and founder wrote a thought provoking blog post on ‘Are you living on PowerPoint Dreams?’ On surface level, he...

IoT will tell you about your Product Management function

The Product Management function comes in various forms and shapes across the industry. It may be tech-heavy, business oriented, strategic or...

Is there a best practice in product strategy?

Is creating Product Strategy a Break-down or Work-up activity?

Managing Your Wild Portfolio

All too often we see companies with great products but mediocre profits. Time after time we identify the reason as a wild portfolio. 

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