4 steps for phasing out your products

By Magnus Billgren | 15 januari 2019

Traditionally End of Life methodologies have focused hardware companies. Where different production methods or parts are becoming obsolete and new products are replacing the old ones. However, End of Life planning for Software and Services is just as relevant. Specifically if there is a plan to change the business logic, target market and/or pricing. 

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The art of writing user stories

By Petra Färm | 15 maj 2018

A ‘user story’ is an account given from the perspective of a particular end user, intended to help achieve a certain goal. Using these types of stories to define goal requirements demonstrates an intention to work collaboratively with users in order to discover what they really need. User stories have become very popular in Agile development methods for a number of reasons:

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Communicating your roadmap

By Sneha Barman | 04 april 2018

Ever wondered how to effectively communicate your roadmap to different stakeholders? Do you even know who your stakeholders are?

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What mistakes are you making when it comes to roadmapping?

By Erik Bjernulf | 18 april 2017

Roadmapping is the strategic process where a roadmap is created. The roadmap contains both market, business and technical development over time. A roadmap is a powerful strategy communications tool.

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Why Product Managers should care about product life time revenue

By Erik Bjernulf | 10 januari 2017

The life time revenue of a product is often split between initial sales (Capex) and Product life cycle (Opex) offerings including provided upgrades, service, spare parts and support. When working with leading industrial companies I often see a lack of full consideration of ALL business opportunities over the full operational life of the product. 

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Tooling – the KEY for defining the RIGHT product?

By Erik Bjernulf | 03 januari 2017

Product managers have many tasks on their plate. Finding Insights into future markets and advances in technology. Understanding user and buyer behavior. We define product strategies in alignment with overall corporate directions.  Read More >

Can the ultimate Software tool for Product Managers be in the making?

By Per-Ola Andersson | 20 december 2016

Don’t you miss the old days of Product Management? 

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Using Driving Forces to understand long term scenarios

By Erik Bjernulf | 04 oktober 2016

How to understand requirements for new military aircraft to be operational 30 years into the future.

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Conway’s law for Product Management

By Erik Bjernulf | 27 september 2016

Mitigating the risk of being out-of-phase

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6 signs your Product Portfolio needs to be reshaped

By Per-Ola Andersson | 21 september 2016

Regardless of company size the profitability of the product range should be one key area for the product management organization to focus on.

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