Part 2: Content Marketing for Product Managers

By Sneha Barman | 13 juni 2018

Product Managers, the Mary Poppins of the company have many different roles. They are taking care of the product, liaising with development, sales, marketing and upper management. It is not abnormal finding them also taking on the role as Product Marketer due to lack of resources in the company or the company feels that Marketing is enough. However, product managers usually come from a more technical background and lack knowledge in Marketing. They are better at coding a software or prototyping a wind turbine than actually selling it. It is only expected that several product managers are struggling in communicating the value of their product effectively to stakeholders and customers. 

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How to secure your product launch… and be able to do it again!

By Bo Tiderman | 16 maj 2017

Some companies do product launches every month and some companies launch every day. They have the opportunity to build up experiences, resources and skills to do the launches in an efficient and success way. If you are not one of these companies – how do you staff up to secure the success of your product in the market after all investments has been made in development?

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9 Things to Check before you "Green Light" a Product or Service

By David Fradin | 25 augusti 2016

If you are about to Green light a new or enhanced product or you are about to launch a product…

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How to get sales to push your new product?

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 10 maj 2016

 Leverage your product through sales by viewing sales as your customer.

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Launch as part of the roadshow?

By Bo Tiderman | 08 mars 2016

What happens after launch? Should the launch be part of the roadshow or are we talking about different things? Roadshows meaning visiting a number of key markets doing presentations. What is part of what? Do I have to do both? Does it matter?

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Checklist for A Successful Launch

By Bo Tiderman | 17 december 2015

All this marketing material that is out of sync! Sales presentations and web material that is way out of date! Nobody has the time needed to keep the marketing material up to date and telling the same story! And the new products that needs to be taken care of too!

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