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Part 2: Content Marketing for Product Managers

Product Managers, the Mary Poppins of the company have many different roles. They are taking care of the product, liaising with development,...

How to secure your product launch… and be able to do it again!

Some companies do product launches every month and some companies launch every day. They have the opportunity to build up experiences, resources...

9 Things to Check before you "Green Light" a Product or Service

If you are about to Green light a new or enhanced product or you are about to launch a product…

How to get sales to push your new product?

 Leverage your product through sales by viewing sales as your customer.

Launch as part of the roadshow?

What happens after launch? Should the launch be part of the roadshow or are we talking about different things? Roadshows meaning visiting a number...

Checklist for A Successful Launch

All this marketing material that is out of sync! Sales presentations and web material that is way out of date! Nobody has the time needed to keep...

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