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Part 5: 10 Books for Product Marketing

This blog is one part of our Product Marketing for Product Managers. We understand the pain that product managers are feeling when they have to...

Part 4: Elevator Pitch-Worthy learnings from Shark Tank

Welcome to part one of our blog series on product marketing for product managers. We know the pain that product managers feel when they have to...

Part 2: Content Marketing for Product Managers

Product Managers, the Mary Poppins of the company have many different roles. They are taking care of the product, liaising with development,...

Podcasts For all types of Managers

Here at Tolpagorni, we usually focus on Product Managers. However, today’s blogpost will be relevant for all types of managers. All managers have...

The power of consistency

We live in the time of information. In fact, we are exposed to so much information, in so many different channels at an extreme speed, there is no...

What can you do to support your customers buying behavior?

The purchasing journeys in the B2B arena are getting more and more complex. Since customers behavior are changing, it is becoming increasingly...

6 steps to convey your values using Storytelling

Just communicating the core Value Proposition is not enough. We need to engage the customer in our value delivery. Customers often need to...

4  Steps to value based product marketing

A four step process to value excellence

The answer to successful pricing and marketing:  Your Value Logic

Pricing is a new game. The market today allows many different pricing models.

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