Work split in your Product Management Team

By Erik Bjernulf | 19 oktober 2016

. Pros and cons with clear responsibilities. How far should you  as head of product management go by dividing responsibilities in your product management team

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A science-based approach to communication

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 08 augusti 2016

How does the brain work in social situations? If we have an understanding of what motivates social behavior we can use that to optimize communication and become better leaders. 

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What trait is the most important when managing product managers?

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 24 februari 2016

In our product management survey, done each year before the Product Leadership Day, we asked practitioners in different roles what they believed to be the most import trait for a Head of PM.

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Challenges in managing product management

By Erik Bjernulf | 28 januari 2016
Being a product manager – and leading other PMs – are two very different positions Read More >
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