How to secure your product launch… and be able to do it again!

By Bo Tiderman | 16 maj 2017

Some companies do product launches every month and some companies launch every day. They have the opportunity to build up experiences, resources and skills to do the launches in an efficient and success way. If you are not one of these companies – how do you staff up to secure the success of your product in the market after all investments has been made in development?

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How a Product Manager interim could expand your business?

By Bo Tiderman | 31 januari 2017

New market opportunities or a new company strategy is typically good news! But both initiatives typically boil down to a lot of work to be done by the product management team. And the product management team is typically overloaded already. What to do?! How do you make room for more deliveries?

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Help – one of my Product Managers is going on parental leave!

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 29 mars 2016

When a product manager from your team is on parental leave it can create a hole in the organization. But the world will not stop for you to fill it. Projects will keep running and the expectations for work to be done remains!

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