The age of products has arrived

Can you feel the Product Beat?

10 years ago...
...products were sold face to face, once. A user sent direct feedback to the supplier. Sales handled the customers' interaction. This setup allowed Product People to get away with poor UX, quality issues and unclear value propositions. Product Management's focus was on delivering functions. Product management was very driven to create a functional value for the customer and user.

...products are sold digitally. We sell every month to achieve re-purchasing. SaaS models demands continuous “selling”. Feedback is shared with a community. We, the Product People can no longer get away with poor UX. We must fulfill expectations of users and stakeholders. We must secure continuous value delivery to customer, every day.

My hypothesis is that the concept of a Product is not only a sellable object. It is the marketing and the communicator of your value proposition. Product People must take on a bigger responsibility. It is not limited to creating great products, we must secure it communicates greatness!

If the hypothesis is correct then the role of the product manager must in many organization be challenged and altered. As the concept of the Product changes the role of the Product Management will need to change.

I also believe that we, that are designing product frameworks, product trainings, delivering product management consulting must also challenge our models and our way of working to make them fit for purpose.

At Tolpagorni we have a Product Management Framework that we often use. We would love to have your comments on it, and especially how do we need to upgrade it to fit the new challenges.

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About Magnus Billgren

Magnus's profession is to turn technology into selling products. He has worked with product management for more than 20 years with electronics, software, services and hardware and is a thought leader within high performance Product Management.

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