Part 2: Content Marketing for Product Managers

Product Managers, the Mary Poppins of the company have many different roles. They are taking care of the product, liaising with development, sales, marketing and upper management. It is not abnormal finding them also taking on the role as Product Marketer due to lack of resources in the company or the company feels that Marketing is enough. However, product managers usually come from a more technical background and lack knowledge in Marketing. They are better at coding a software or prototyping a wind turbine than actually selling it. It is only expected that several product managers are struggling in communicating the value of their product effectively to stakeholders and customers. 

This is Part 2 of Product Marketing where product managers and marketers can come and see how they can market their product efficiently. If you have missed out on Part 1: What is Inbound Marketing, do check it out! 

Part 2: What is Content Marketing for B2B products? 

Here you will get a quick insight on what is content marketing, what it is used for and what platforms it is best used on.


I am assuming you are following the blog and know about Inbound Marketing. Then, check out  How to treat Inbound Marketing like Product Management and get unbelievable results by our Guest Blogger Yusuf Hasanogullari.

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