Meet  Jimmy Rosenberg, consultant at Tolpagorni

What kind of job is a Product Management Consultant at Tolpagorni. Let's find out with the interview of Jimmy Rosenberg.


Hi Jimmy, who are you?

Jimmy.jpgI studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Chalmers during 5 years. Then I studied Economics at the business school in Gothenburg. I think the combination between business and technology is great preparation for work with high-tech B2B product management like I do at Tolpagorni.

What did you know about PM before?

If you hear the term “product management” you kind of get an idea of what it is. But I didn’t really know about the profession or what a product manager actually did. So when I first talked to Magnus Billgren, and he described to me what it was, what he wanted and what kind of person he looked for, it sounded like it would fit me quite well.

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And has it?

Yes, I think. In product management you get to work with all parts of the business. You learn about sales, marketing, technology, and of course the product. I really love technology and business. I also enjoy working with people. After finishing school my aim was to find an intersection between technology and business and product management with Tolpagorni was exactly that. For me, Tolpagorni was a great place to start my career.

What did you learn for 2 years and half now?

Tolpagorni is a very creative company. Even if we have ideas, tools, models, there is no predefined way to solve cases. It’s no “one size fits all”. All solutions are unique. I learned to be creative in how you solve things. And of course it was great to get to work with experienced consultants such as Magnus, Eric and Bo. They have all been out in the industry as CEOs, Head of Development and similar. I learned a lot from them.

Do you think it is easier to be a consultant for PM or to be a product manager?

At first, I thought it was a little bit hard to be a consultant. I was new from school and most product managers are rather experienced. I had trouble finding my place. But then, of course, as you get to know certain tools and methods you feel more confident. For example, I have been working a lot with Value Engineering, and our own tool called the Value Tree. I’ve been teaching it, doing workshops at different trainings we have and have been using it regularly with customers. So, after a while, I got to know the Value Tree well. I found my niche and functioned as an expert in certain aspects of product management.

But to answer to your question, for someone coming directly from the university, it is probably harder to be a product manager! :-)

What did you learn that you would probably use for a next position?

The “Value Engineering” and the overall thinking related to that. How we use existing models and combine them with our own developed models like the Value Tree. Everywhere we go, people say that the Value Tree is the one thing they will take with them! I think I will probably use the “Value Tree thinking” in the future and maybe the model too.

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What is your best souvenir at Tolpagorni?

It is not a single moment but I think the creation of the Value Engineering concept is a nice memory because it felt like we achieved something great. And after that when we build the Smart Marketing Factory (SMF) concept based on the Value engineering thinking. The SMF is also an exciting thing because since I started to work on it, I had felt more fun to go to work and that I contributed in a better way. Both Value Engineering and SMF will live for a long time I think and to be a part of the creation and the development of that, it is a good feeling and something I’m proud of.

Thank you Jimmy!

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