5 questions to Anna-Karin Lindblom, Director of Product management at FLIR Systems

On The Product Leadership Day 2018, 11 speakers will share their product management secrets. Learn more about one of them and meet Anna-Karin Lindblom from FLIR Systems.

Anna Karin is currently a Director of Product Management at FLIR Systems. She is a seasoned product manager with many years of experience in different parts of product management. She has worked with companies such as Ericsson, nWise and currently FLIR. She will be speaking about how early failures are important and learning from early market feedback, proof of concept and testing. Furthermore, she will talk about how to use these when building new products and new business models.

How did you get into Product Management?

I started 3 years ago, and the role was a little bit different. It was within product management but it was not a traditional product management role as such where I was a responsible for product lifecycle of an existing segment this was more about building out to new verticals. New business segments looking both how can we use existing products and solutions and adapt them to attract other users and build new markets but it was also looking at some ways we can use our technology and build completely new products. That would fit the markets. I worked a couple of years with that and now I am heading up our innovation program where we are looking more at transformational innovation where do we need to good future where do we need to start building our competence and technology and business models you know areas like for digitization and IOT.

How can you predict the future? Are there any indicators that you use?

Everybody's struggling with this I guess and you never know what's going to happen but we look at macro trends and the environment around us. And we focus on three different areas: the customer and the user experience and business models in the market and technology and product. We work with Lean Start-up Methods and do small proof of concepts and MVPs try and see if we are going in the right direction.

What book have you read lately that has really influenced you?

 What's your “secret sauce” for being a good Product Manager? 

And I would say be open to new opportunities and even if you don't see that there is a straight line to some specific goal. 

There’s a lot happening in the area of Product Management. What do you see as the most exciting development for Product Management?

Working much more with customer co-creation involving the user and the customer early in the development phases. Working a lot with the new business models. I think with the whole digitalisation and there are so many opportunities to find new business models and convert just product sales to more recurring revenues so that I think would also be important for product managers to work on.

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