Help – one of my Product Managers is going on parental leave!

When a product manager from your team is on parental leave it can create a hole in the organization. But the world will not stop for you to fill it. Projects will keep running and the expectations for work to be done remains!parental_leave-282230-edited.jpg

The responsibilities is often relocated to colleagues within the organization, increasing their normal amount of work. And specialist competence may be missing. 

Working with Product Management for a long time we have seen various solutions, but we believe an interim Product Manager can be the answer. We have found four main reasons to why you should use an experienced interim product manager to cover for your absent colleague:

  1. Delivery 

    With less resources in the organization less work will be done. Or the quality of the work will go down. What we sometimes see happen is that too much work is handed over to already stressed colleagues and that this sometimes lead to negative consequences for the persons involved.
  2.  Cost effectiveness

    The learning curve is short and steep since most aspects of the work is already known. Thus you pay for what you get – a high performing Product Manager during the time of your employee’s absence. An experienced consultant is up to speed almost right away.

  3. Create results

    Since the work is time-constrained and the person represents himself/herself (as well as the consultancy firm), the consultant must start producing right away. Using interim you will also make sure that someone actually takes responsibility for the absent colleagues assignments. In a situation where responsibilities are divided among other employees, we have seen that they tend to be down prioritized.
  4. Drive change

    Using an interim solution gives you an experienced product manager inside your product management team. That means you will have access to models, tools and knowledge created or used by the consultancy firm. The interim product manager will also be able to take necessary decisions without limitations such as personal relationships. The interim product manager is an objective force perfectly fit to drive change.


    To ensure a continued progress and quality in projects and deliveries – keep in mind what an interim Product Manager can help you with. There are many ways to bridge the gap until your talent is back at work, but few more reliable than getting an experience high performing interim Product Manager. 

    “In our fast moving project we needed somebody that could deliver value from day one without spending time on introductions – the Tolpagorni interim consultant did just that!” said Håkan Dackefjord at Wittra. Read more about the Wittra case.

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About Jimmy Rosenberg

As the Conceptualizer in Tolpagorni, Jimmy has a constant urge to learn new things and thus spend a lot of his spare time following technology- and science- related progress in different media. His interests together with his education have made him appreciate how the exponential advances in technology continue to integrate innovations and new products in the everyday lives.

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