Helene Ålander: "Collaboration is a lot about finding the common ground"

We interviewed Helene Ålander, working as a part of the portfolio Process Management at Telia Company AB. Helene is one of our speakers at our November conference this year and she will talk about “Collaboration – Sharing Mutual Goals” Speaker Helene Ålander novconf17.jpgHelene is primarily working with topics regarding the product portfolio, product management as well a being in charge of the product life cycles and the offering cycle. Questions like how decisions are made, how to manage the phasing out of products and how to create a flexible and active product portfolio is what Helen works with daily.

Being one of the larger companies by turnover in Sweden, Telia is managing a wide range of long lived collaborations and customer relations. During her years working with product management, Helen has collected a wide range of experience regarding on the topic, as well as seen her fair share of more and less successful collaborations.

“Partnering between two selling organizations is hard and it doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. I´ve been working with partners earlier in my career where I really believed in something that in the end didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.

Looking back, I have learned to evaluate and manage partnerships better. At the conference this fall, I believe I can contribute with some insight, and also explain why I think the collaborations we are working with now at Telia are going to turn out great. It’s a lot about finding the common ground and stating the expectations you have for each other from the very start.”

Like most other organizations in the high - tech B2B business, Telia is feeling the impact of the increased digitization and is continuously striving to find new solutions to satisfy the needs of their customers.

“The digitization is spreading, and we have now reached the point where it is impossible for a company to handle all different aspects of it, and invest the time and effort that is needed to keep up with the development.

In the earlier days, a lot of the things we did and sold were solutions to one smaller problem. Today we´re working more and more towards finding one overall solution for each customer that covers everything they need regarding IT.

When we contribute to our solutions, our customers can focus on their own scope of practice.”

“It’s not possible for everyone to do everything, but what you can do is build solutions together.”

Come and learn more about collaboration with Helene at Tolpagorni's Fall Conference on 23rd of November 2017 about Collaboration and Ecosystem Strategies.

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