Driving revenue growth in Internet of Things ecosystem

Following the successful B2B Product Leadership Day earlier this year, Tolpagorni’s next conference is only a few days away on 19-20 November. So, save the date for their “Making Money on Internet of Things” conference.

 We have all heard of smart meters, smart grids and smart sensors. But how do we make money from these smart appliances? Does the product or service have a revenue generating business model? Or is it geared to cost savings? Could be both depending on your point of view.

By its very nature, the IoT is based on the real-time – or near real-time – delivery of software and services. As a product manager, are you constantly asked how to drive future revenue?

Making Money on Internet of Things

That’s a lot of questions.

I am hoping to find some of the answers at this conference. We have the opportunity to listen, participate and engage with IoT leaders from Ascom, Bergenstråhle, Ericsson, Husqvarna, Scania Stem, Sweden Connectivity, Telenor, Topcon and Umeå University.

We’ll get to connect with like-minded peers in the industry who are facing similar challenges. For example, how to increase revenue or find out what your customers’ business drivers are.

From a personal point of view, I am looking forward to finding out about how pricing fits into the monetization mix. How important is it to select the correct business model, set suitable price parameters that are acceptable for your customers or even choose the payment model?

This conference is sized just right. You can connect with everyone in the room who shares your common product management interest. Perhaps on Day 1 you will get an “Ah-a moment”. Or maybe on Day 2 you’ll realize “Why did I not think of this before?”.

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There is something for everyone. Insights, understanding, speakers sharing experiences from their recent successes, their key takeaways and pitfalls when monetizing.

 Some seats are still available… the countdown has begun… see you on 19 November in Stockholm. For further information, visit


 / Paul McCue Guest Author.


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