Communicating your roadmap

Ever wondered how to effectively communicate your roadmap to different stakeholders? Do you even know who your stakeholders are?

Product managers have several stakeholders they communicate with regularly, and ensuring that everyone is fully satisfied can be a challenging undertaking. Given that every stakeholder has their own job and clearly defined role, it follows that they each have their own perspective and questions too. In this case, the product manager’s job is to communicate with all the stakeholders and understand their point of view when making decisions. The final outcome will be reflected on the roadmap and if any questions arises in the meeting the product manager should be able to answer to all of their stakeholders. “Getting groups of stakeholders to ‘buy’ the roadmap includes answering their unspoken questions.” – Rich Mironov

In a recent webinar, Petra has shared pointers on how to design a roadmap that helps you as a product manager, and makes your life easier when presenting it to stakeholders. While much of the information in the webinar is based on experience and learnings from Tolpagorni’s collaboration partner Rich Mironov, you will also have the opportunity to learn from Petra’s unique perspective, and her own personal take on roadmaps too.

Some of the points Petra has touched on include:

  • The key stakeholders interested in your roadmap
  • What individual stakeholders are looking for in your roadmap
  • Understanding your roadmap audience’s divergent point of view
  • Anticipating your audience’s underlying concerns
  • Structuring your presentation and discussion to meet the needs and expectations of the target audience
  • Learning how to handle objections efficiently

With 30 years’ experience working in Silicon Valley, Rich Mironov has held the title of CEO, worked within product roles in multinational companies, been involved in marketing and product leadership in countless start-ups, filled consulting roles with more than 100 tech companies, and has written the book The Art of Product Management. As a product strategist and technology architecture specialist at Tolpagorni herself, Petra has 20 years of experience in technical roles within the automotive, telecom and pharmaceutical industries. The combination of Rich’s knowledge and expertise with Petra’s singular understanding of roadmaps ensures that this webinar (see below) is nothing short of a game-changer for all your future roadmap and stakeholder interactions.

Take a closer look at the webinar and start taking control of your product today!

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