Building App's without coding?

The best thing about my role as a Product Management competence adviser at Tolpagorni is that I get to meet so many inspirational people from different organizations each and every day. This time I got to visit Appspotr and Christina Berntsson in Gothenburg.

Christina is the Chief Product Officer at Appspotr with a history from working 10 years as a Global Product Manager at Benify. It didn’t take me long to understand how passionate Christina is in her role as the new PM at Appspotr.

Appspotr makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create native apps online, without pre- programming skills. Christina told me the history and how they drastically increased their amounts of users. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of users went from 75,000 to a whopping 400,000 in 180 countries. They are now about to hit the Chinese market with their 800 million smartphone users.

Before Appspotr became Appspotr they used to work first with a scanning service of barcodes (e g for medical receipts and groceries) long before autofocus and QR-codes were standard. The company continued their journey towards membership clubs which gave them the knowledge that all companies asked for their own app. Then they came up with the brilliant idea, to build a service that efficiently “spit” out apps, therefore their Swenglish name Appspotr, a platform that made it easy for the users to spit out apps with limitless possibilities to build, design and publish apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They are a SaaS company or actually AaaS (App as a Service) company.

The technology is fantastic and they are today among the top 5 platforms in the world to deliver apps, and I got to the honor try it out.

By choosing layout and subject you can easily add all the different features as you wish for your app. I built a Tolpagorni training app where you as a user could download eLearnings in all the different areas of Product Management. As a user I experienced the software tool as very easy to work with. If I wanted to add a certain feature or component that I couldn’t find on the platform I could just send a feature request to Appspotr. My feature request will then be sent to the Appspotr Developer Community. Appspotr link app-creatives together with developers sitting worldwide and we meet in their Marketplace where business is done. This is genius!

After 90 minutes with Christina I leave the office at Appspotr with a smile on my face. Meeting a small start-up that never gave up, that never see failures and huge challenges as a bottle neck, that is an energy boost!

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