Kristin Svensson

Kristin is Chief Education Officer and responsible for the training wing at Tolpagorni, including public and onsite trainings, conferences and eLearning. She has previously worked at PM-China establishing the first product management conferences in Shanghai and Beijing with speakers from companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest. She has a BA in International Politics and Economics and a minor MBA from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. She has working experience from NGOs in Eastern Africa and in the hi-tech training business from China.
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Lever du med PowerPoint drömmar?

By Kristin Svensson | 10 september 2018

Under årens lopp har vi sett en rad olika strategier. Vi har sett Roadmappen med obegränsade resurser. Den säljfokuserade-självmordsstrategin. Strategin som förblev en PowerPoint-dröm. Den passiva run-me-over-strategin. Och många, många fler.

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Win a Free Ticket to The Product Leadership Day!

By Kristin Svensson | 06 mars 2018

You heard it right! We are giving out a free ticket to The Product Leadership Day 2018, our conference for Product Managers that will happen on the 22nd of March!

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Learn from the best!

By Kristin Svensson | 16 januari 2018

Product managers have never been more important for tech companies to stay ahead of competition and continuously create successful products. During Tolpagorni's 10 years in the field, we have come across outstanding Product managers who have made the difficult work look easy.

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Fast, cheap and emission-free vehicles launching in Stockholm

By Kristin Svensson | 14 mars 2017

Bzzt offers a new (fast, cheap and emission-free) way of traveling short distances in the cities. With the unique and straightforward price model of "3 öre" per meter Bzzt changes the game of intra-city traveling. It is also the first taxi service in Sweden that is awarded with "Bra Miljöval" an Swedish ecolabel referred to as "Good Environmental Choice" in English. The vehicles are three-wheeled electric "pods" that are extremely energy efficient. Bzzt launched its service in pilot scale in 2015 and is now set to launch in Stockholm this spring. 

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What's your responsibility as a product manager?

By Kristin Svensson | 09 november 2015

The main responsibility of a product manager is to drive its product and product offering to success.

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Feeling frustrated as product manager?

By Kristin Svensson | 22 oktober 2015

- Looking for a product manager role description and checklist to guide your work?

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