Henrik Johnssson

As a Senior Catalyst, I help improving the efficiency of marketing and product management organizations through education programs, customer-focused processes and decision support tools, always with the customer in focus.
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What is wrong with a Unique Sales Proposition (USP)?

By Henrik Johnssson | 25 juni 2019

A sales manager I worked with used to say “If you are in a discussion in the company and realize you haven’t heard the word “customer” at all during the past ten minutes, stand up and yell “Stop!”, because the discussion is about the wrong thing.”

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Skipping Product Manager job descriptions: Use Principles instead!

By Henrik Johnssson | 11 juni 2019

As a Product Manager, your role is inherently cross-functional and requires collaboration with many other functions: you will have to develop and propose strategy, plan and align product roadmaps, guide product development and ensure that launches and subsequent marketing efforts lead to product success in terms of sales. Clearly, defining the role and what to expect of Product Managers has a value, both for Product Managers themselves and their managers, as well as for all those theProduct Managers interfaces with.

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If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up somewhere else.

By Henrik Johnssson | 10 april 2018

If you’re a new product manager in a high-tech business, you’ve probably realized by now that your role is a very demanding one. While you may be held accountable for strategy, planning, development and marketing, you very rarely have the direct authority to implement any of your decisions. So how do you stay cool, calm and collected while delivering the maximum value for your company?

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