Bo Tiderman

Bo has a focus on Product Strategies and Product Marketing. He has previously worked as a Product Manager, Marketing Director, President and Strategy Consultant in technology and consultant companies.
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Colleagues in the organization: friends or foes?

By Bo Tiderman | 15 augusti 2017

This is an observation from visiting a number of companies in Sweden and abroad – the challenges for product management to define a good collaboration format with Sales and Segments. I am not an historian but it seems to me that many Swedish (?) companies start from a really good product idea. Having the best technical solution is good enough to succeed in the market for some time – maybe you have to get some help from a sales organization but that is all you need to be successful.

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Will product management be gone shortly?

By Bo Tiderman | 04 juli 2017

Product management has been around since the McElroy P&G memo initiated the role back in 1931. But will it be gone soon?!

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How to secure your product launch… and be able to do it again!

By Bo Tiderman | 16 maj 2017

Some companies do product launches every month and some companies launch every day. They have the opportunity to build up experiences, resources and skills to do the launches in an efficient and success way. If you are not one of these companies – how do you staff up to secure the success of your product in the market after all investments has been made in development?

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Value based pricing – or not?

By Bo Tiderman | 25 april 2017

Value based pricing is claimed to be the way to price the products. The argument is obvious – value is typically what customers pay for! But how many companies actually do value based pricing?

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Can you create emotions between your technology product and your customers?

By Bo Tiderman | 22 mars 2017

Today I was really proud.
Ålö, one of our customer, sent me a link to a video presenting their new generation of products that now has been launched, and I was working with them putting together the definition of this generation a few years ago.

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Do you all really understand each other?!

By Bo Tiderman | 07 mars 2017

I think, when working as a product manager, it is very important to be able to express the product vision, strategy and the roadmap etc. Otherwise it may be difficult to get everybody on board and to get things done in the organization, as the level of formal authority typically is limited.

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How a Product Manager interim could expand your business?

By Bo Tiderman | 31 januari 2017

New market opportunities or a new company strategy is typically good news! But both initiatives typically boil down to a lot of work to be done by the product management team. And the product management team is typically overloaded already. What to do?! How do you make room for more deliveries?

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Assessment to identify challenges

By Bo Tiderman | 31 maj 2016

It is always difficult to have an outside perspective when sitting on the inside.

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Use Product Strategy or Roadmap?

By Bo Tiderman | 12 april 2016

 Both the Product strategy and the roadmap are planning tools but the roadmap is for me the tactical level of what is described and decided on a strategic level in the Product strategy.

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Launch as part of the roadshow?

By Bo Tiderman | 08 mars 2016

What happens after launch? Should the launch be part of the roadshow or are we talking about different things? Roadshows meaning visiting a number of key markets doing presentations. What is part of what? Do I have to do both? Does it matter?

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