Are you the world’s best product manager?

What is required in terms of knowledge and competences to become  successful as a product manager? After all meetings and discussions with product managers, it has become clearer what the demands are.

Directed to product managers within B2B who work with technology products, we have compiled a set of questions. Ask yourself these questions and value your strengths and a weaknesses. 


Knowledge of the customer - Are you, as a product manager, an expert on your customers’ needs and how your products are used?

Knowledge of the domain - How good is your knowledge about your target markets?

Knowledge of the product - How well do you know your product?

Knowledge of the technology - How well do you know your underlying technological platform, in particular your strategical platform? How up-to-date is your knowledge of the technology?

Knowledge of design - What knowledge do you have of the user experience and how the product is designed for this purpose?

Knowledge of commercial aspects and finance – Do you have knowledge of business models in general and the business model of your product specifically? Are you able to present cost and benefits, and understand the underlying factors? 

Knowledge of process

Discussions with customers - Are you able to work out the customer’s actual needs and underlying impetus?

Product verification - Do you have the required knowledge to verify product concepts, and, when needed, to execute beta tests? 

Prioritization of requirements - Do you have a methodology and a process to handle requirements, and do you have a model for choosing the focus of the next release or product?

Product development process – What knowledge do you have of your product development process and of how you as a product manager can affect the focus and direction?

Sales process – How well do you understand how your sales staff work, and the character of the problems that they encounter in the sales process?

Marketing – How much do you know about how you reach your customers and prospects with your message? How well can you create messages and communication concepts that successfully get across?


Team player – How good are you at leading without the formal mandate?

inspire – How efficiently do you share your vision of the product?

Time management – How good are you at planning your time?

Holistic capacity – How talented are you at seeing the whole picture and being able to identify the bottlenecks for profitability?

What were your answers? Did you find your weaknesses or maybe a question you couldn't answer right away or you weren't aware of? Concentrate on these questions and try to improve them. Here you find our Product Management Job description.

Product Management Role description

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