Are you living on PowerPoint Dreams?

Every product manager has to many things to do.  All of us are trying to cope with all product management responsibilities. We are tied up in deliveries and we are responding to corporate initiatives. Far too often Product Strategies become Power Point Dreams. Let’s leave the dreams in 2017 and let’s make it happen in 2018.

Make it easier. Make it faster. Make it now.

Five Points for take off:

  1. During January set aside an hour every week to leave your box.
    Leave your physical and mental box. Spend an hour every week in January to take initiatives on your product. Use the power of initiatives to make it happen.
  2. Write down your thoughts after listening to a Podcast.
    We are all getting ideas when listening to a podcast . Sharing them in a meeting is easy. Too easy. Writing them down can make it happen. It validates ideas and makes them executable. Choose a podcast to listen to. Let your ideas come. Write a text to articulate our ideas. The auidence is yourself, your colleagues, your management. And make it possible to execute on. 
  3. Use the force of the world –link up, ask for help.
    Product Managers are always best in the class. We help everyone else. But in January ask for help. If you have a problem look into your network. Who can help you? If you don’t find someone - challenge me! ( Send me a mail with your problem and I'll get back to you with a perspective.
  4. Make Strategy a daily thing.
    When you are about to send your next mail - wait - think again. How does this mail support yourproduct strategy? If it doesn’t -Make sure it does!
  5. Make January the 6minute-meeting-month.
    Do you want to make a change in your portfolio? Organize 6 minute-meetings as often you can to discuss it. With different individuals. Make an agenda for the 6 minute-meeting. Do it more often but faster and shorter. 

Product Management is more important now than ever.

Your company is investing in you and relies on you. You have a responsibility to expand your thinking and make an even better job in 2018!

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