Adrienne Tan: "a stiff change in the knowledge and skill set of the product management industry"

We interviewed Adrienne Tan, Co-Founder and Director of Brainmates Product Management Training & Expertise! She will come to Sweden to speak  about Product Management and collaboration at the Collaboration and Ecosystem Strategies in Stockholm, 23rd of November.

Adrienne and her team at Brainmates are based in Sydney, Australia and work with many of the same questions and areas as us here at Tolpagorni. Adrienne is working with a broad spectrum of companies across many different industries, helping them with support and training in Product Management. 

She gave us her insights about business in Australia.

The Product Management profession in Sydney has grown heavily, particularly during the last 3 years. So much that a lot of people taking deliberate decisions becoming Product Managers instead of accidently becoming Product Managers.”

Singling out trends in the Product Management field from an Australian point of view, Adrienne mentions both the quest for knowledge and the continued development of the start-up community as a hotbed for new solutions, models and methods.

We see a stiff change in the knowledge and skill set of the product management industry”.
There’s also a continued rapid development of the startup community; in language tools, techniques and methods. These are all very interesting for big businesses. If start-ups can use them to grow and gain traction then the big businesses believe they also can use them to be incremental or for the next set of growth. It doesn’t always work to apply the new methods since you have to modify them to work with the business culture and practices, but they are certainly a good starting point.

Looking at the development of ecosystems and collaborations, Adrienne remarks the increased specialization in a lot of organizations.

Companies want to focus their attention more on the areas where you want to invest your time and your resources, in comparison to being broad and doing every service yourself”.

 “In one of the companies we work with, they have a developed a partnership-model and are heavily working with different partners to co-brand and co-create different products. Using guidelines from the partnership framework they can broaden their portfolio and still keep it quite coherent.

Come and meet Adrienne in person at Tolpagorni's fall Conference on 23rd of November 2017 about Collaboration and Ecosystem Strategies.

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