The 6 Minute-Meeting, My Take

Last week, Magnus Billgren, our CEO and founder wrote a thought provoking blog post on Are you living on PowerPoint Dreams? On surface level, he had written down 5 pointers on how to kickstart the year and start achieving. One point which really hit me was "Make January the 6 minute-meeting-month".

Do you want to make a change in your portfolio? Organize 6 minute-meetings as often you can to discuss it. With different individuals. Make an agenda for the 6 minute-meeting. Do it more often but faster and shorter. Magnus Billgren

This got me thinking, how can we have 6 minute-meetings which are efficient, and we get something done. A quick google search and I didn’t find anything under the hit of 6 minute-meeting. But, I know '7 minute' concepts do exist, and Woala! I got hits like Forbes, LinkedIn and may other resources. However, they were not strategies on how to have an efficient meeting.

The article on Forbes was not particularly helpful to me because they (O2E brands) do a Huddle like in Rugby. And as a company they huddle in and focus on the good news and end with a cheer. Very good idea for creating a closer company culture. But, still not what I had in mind in terms of meetings.

I didn’t find any articles which suggested strategies on how to hold the 6/7 minute meetings. Therefore, I am coming up with a strategy which might best fit my situation. The first thing that came to my mind was the post-it way agile works.

6 minute-meeting illustration


When you go to meet someone to discuss something about a project, having this structure will be quite useful.

For example, what material should be used for the outer casing for the new drone project?

I took the above structure and conjured a possible discussion. And as you can see this conversation is possible in 6 minutes because the questions are clear and the discussion is direct. And instead to having to take 1 hour out and talk about all the different ‘Do-es’, these 6 minute meetings ensure an efficient outcome at all times!

6 minute-meeting example


This is my take on a 6 – minute meeting. What will yours be?


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