4 reasons to introduce a Product Management Framework

How do you assess your teams’ skills? A Product Management Framework is a vital tool when managing your Product Management team.

Chances are your Product Management team is a diverse group.

That one person from development with a great domain knowledge, the experienced communicative market focused person that really knows your customers, and so on.

Individuals in diverse teams have different strength and weaknesses. They have different ways of working, difference experiences and might also have conflicting views upon the responsibilities of a Product Manager.

A Product Management Framework is a great tool to better manage your Product Management team. In the Product Manager role there are always a lot of activities claiming the Product Manager’s time.              

Which activities is worth spending time on and what level of involvement is appropriate? A framework helps sorting out these types of questions. We want to highlight four reasons to why a framework is a great tool while managing Product Managers. 

  1. It clarifies expectations 

    First of all a common understanding of the scope of the Product Manager role is very important. When deliverables and other responsibilities are not aligned it translates problems to higher levels. A framework also provides a necessary overview helping the Product Managers prioritize, by also highlighting what the role is NOT supposed to incorporate. The invisible force, dragging the Product Manager down from strategical proactive work into operational reactive support, is very real. It is helpful to have something to rely on when prioritizing and making trade-offs.  

  2.  It leads to a more efficient internal communication

    A common ground, in terms of tools and responsibilities, enables efficient communication. This is also related to the aforementioned expectations. If people in your organization know what they can expect from one another know what the others are talking about, the communication is obviously more effective. 

  3.  It is a tool to highlight strengths and weaknesses

    In order to get to know your teams’ strengths and weaknesses, you need to start by having a thorough understanding of the Product Management role. Once again, what is expected of a Product Manager? Which are the basic tools every Product Manager should have in their tool box?

  4.  It motivates your team by introducing a path toward becoming a high performing product manager

    When you have understood your teams’ strength and weaknesses, by assessing their skill level against an objective framework, you are able to see how they can improve. Both as individuals and as a team. By showing your team how a high performing product manager operates you will also enable, and motivate, your teams’ personal development.

Based on the ISPMA framework for software product management we at Tolpagorni have designed a more inclusive framework for Product Management in High Tech and B2B arena. 

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