What's your responsibility as a product manager?


The main responsibility of a product manager is to drive its product and product offering to success.

But being a product manager is no easy task. You negotiate requirements with the R&D team in China; creating marketing brochures to the marketing managers; guide the sales team to sell what we have and stop expensive customization's, all this before 9:00am coffee. Add to that you have a business case and a road map that needs to be ready to present to the management board before lunch…

Do you recognize this situation? Perhaps felt a little frustrated from time to time?

If yes, then you are certainly not alone.

There are very few university classes in product management and very few training in general, especially product strategy training. This means that most product managers are self-taught or have gotten their knowledge on the job that is company or industry specific. Perhaps you are searching for models for requirements management, tools for successful launch - or methodology to create executable strategies?

We would like to argue that product management is a profession. And for it to be so,  tools and methods are important to facilitate product management  daily work.

ISPMA FrameworkTogether with ISPMA (International Software Product Management Association) have developed a certification program for Product Managers. The goal of the program is to increase understanding and knowledge of all aspects of product management for software products, such as product strategies, product planning and marketing. 


We have taken the ISPMA framework and made a Tolpagorni version and extended it with a few more boxes to include areas like sourcing and insights.  The framework is a great support both for product managers to frame the role and see which areas are identified as core and which are not.  You'll find a white paper explaining the framework and the three pillars of product management here,

Download Framework  


About The Author

Kristin is Chief Education Officer and responsible for the training wing at Tolpagorni, including public and onsite trainings, conferences and eLearning. She has previously worked at PM-China establishing the first product management conferences in Shanghai and Beijing with speakers from companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest. She has a BA in International Politics and Economics and a minor MBA from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. She has working experience from NGOs in Eastern Africa and in the hi-tech training business from China.