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About the same time as Apple launched show me the money tom cruise.jpg
the iPhone and Tom Cruse screamed “Show me the money” in his latest Hollywood production, I was given the task to convince the mobile operator community to drastically lower their prices on mobile data.

At that time they charged more than $10 per MB to access internet, as a way to protect their large revenues on SMS, from free internet services like email and chat. Ericsson was in a tight spot. If mobile data did not take off, 3G network sales would soon come to a stop.

The solution was a value argumentation, packaged in a solid value calculator, which could show them the money. One of the major benefits of a value calculator is that it gives a solid structure to your value argumentation.

  • Which of your arguments drives the customer revenues, and how much?
  • Which value arguments saves costs for the customer, in what way and how much?

By structuring your arguments in a value calculator it makes them easier to remember, both for the customer and the sales people. The value calculator captures the argumentation logic, how each of your features drives the customers revenues and/or cost savings, making them both explicit and quantified.

My name is Martin Englund and I have been responsible for Ericsson value calculators for the last decade and consider myself as the father behind the Mobile Broadband value calculator. On the 19th of January 2017, I will hold a half day workshop on how you as a product manager can build and use value calculators in your product marketing role. Do not miss this opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from a value calculator expert.

Value Calculator Workshop

About The Author

The workshop will be managed by Martin Englund, MBA from Stockholm School of Business and Economics. Before joining Tolpagorni, he headed a Financial Value Argumentation department for 10 years. Supporting sales with Values Calculators and value guidance.