Checklist for A Successful Launch


All this marketing material that is out Product_Launch.jpgof sync! Sales presentations and web material that is way out of date! Nobody has the time needed to keep the marketing material up to date and telling the same story! And the new products that needs to be taken care of too!

To be able to reach out in the market today you need to penetrate the massive buzz from everyone else. You need to reach out to customers before you know that they even consider to buy your products - or somebody else does. To be able to do this your message to the market needs to be consistent – in all channels – every day.

For me the product launch is one way to achieve this. The Product Launch is sort of a “tool” to set the focus in the organization. The launch is a deadline in time that can become an argument for priority. This makes the Launch not just the actual launch of the new product or update. The trick is to start building priority pressure in time. My experience is that the preparations for launch always take much more time than expected. Planning for the launch should be initiated at the start of the development project. With a plan in place all activities can be scheduled and coordinated over time. The more external dependencies in the ecosystem - the trickier to get all in line. Some sort of checklist is useful to ensure that everything is under control. I put together one that is designed to give a an overview at a glance that can be downloaded at the link below.

Product Launch Checklist

A number of successful launches made me come to this conclusion. Understanding both about the general mechanics and activities related to performing the launch but also the sneaky “psychological” factors how to create a focus in an organization working overtime every day anyway.


About The Author

Bo has a focus on Product Strategies and Product Marketing. He has previously worked as a Product Manager, Marketing Director, President and Strategy Consultant in technology and consultant companies.