Finding the Hidden Values

By Ola Sennerdal | 18 juli 2016

Discover customer values in your product – that are critical for success

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4  Steps to value based product marketing

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 12 juli 2016

A four step process to value excellence

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Increase the quality of your Value Argumentation

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 14 juni 2016

Three important aspects of a crisp value argumentation

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How to get sales to push your new product?

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 10 maj 2016

 Leverage your product through sales by viewing sales as your customer.

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How to treat Inbound Marketing like Product Management and get unbelievable results

To be a great product manager, you need to be the child who doesn’t eat the marshmallow (meaning discipline, patience, and vision). Fortunately, a company like Tolpagorni helps you develop your skills and abilities. I’ve seen it firsthand.

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The answer to successful pricing and marketing:  Your Value Logic

By Magnus Billgren | 16 november 2015

Pricing is a new game. The market today allows many different pricing models.

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How to communicate a crisp product value?

By Erik Bjernulf | 10 november 2015

-In my current assignment as interim vP product management we often discuss how to communicate THE VALUE of our product.

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4 reasons to use storytelling in the B2B product marketing arena

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 15 oktober 2015

How to make your message come across to your customer?

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