Listening to the voice of the customer

By Guest Blogger: Ulf Bengtzelius | 12 oktober 2016

A good understanding and description of the voice of the customer is necessary but this doesn’t mean doing exactly as the customer says.

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Apple Watch: Its about the “Do” and that is Product Management’s Job

By David Fradin | 06 oktober 2016

In Mark Gurman’s piece about Apple Watch’s retail sales pitch (, he says that Apple is training its employees to focus on “three key features”.  And Apple tells their employees to:

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What Should a Product Marketing Manager Do?

By David Fradin | 15 september 2016

Finally a Definitive Definition of Roles and Responsibilities for a Product Marketing Manager

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Do: It is more than Demographics. Its about Behavior…What do people do?

By David Fradin | 01 september 2016

Many product managers and market research teams build their assumptions about customer requirements by asking the question “What do you need?” That is the wrong question. The question they should ask is “What do you do?”

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A structured approach in translating products into values: REAL CASE SCENARIO

By Luca de Stefano | 30 augusti 2016

What if the value proposition of your products comes out from a structured process with predictable quality, instead of from an improvised and self-made exercise?

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Optimize your product material for Sales!

By Ola Sennerdal | 01 augusti 2016

If you know where the customer is – it is possible to create relevant marketing.

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Finding the Hidden Values

By Ola Sennerdal | 18 juli 2016

Discover customer values in your product – that are critical for success

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4  Steps to value based product marketing

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 12 juli 2016

A four step process to value excellence

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Increase the quality of your Value Argumentation

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 14 juni 2016

Three important aspects of a crisp value argumentation

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How to get sales to push your new product?

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 10 maj 2016

 Leverage your product through sales by viewing sales as your customer.

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