There is no point having a good content marketing strategy if you don't use it!

By Lionel Boscher | 24 april 2018

This is not new to us. Content Marketing is the key. If you produce good content, you will generate a lot of leads or drive more traffic to your website. This is quite obvious… At least, on paper! A recent survey* showed that 76% of Nordics Companies work with content strategy but only 50% claimed they are successful at Content Marketing. And, this is probably because large parts of the companies create content without relying a true strategy. Here are 5 tips you can use to define your own content marketing strategy.

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What can you do to support your customers buying behavior?

By Karl-Erik Carlström | 07 november 2017

The purchasing journeys in the B2B arena are getting more and more complex. Since customers behavior are changing, it is becoming increasingly unproductive to stick to old traditional linear sales processes that many sales organizations are forced to follow. Why? Because your customer simply does not behave that way anymore. And these behaviors do not fit in the traditional sales funnel thinking.

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6 steps to convey your values using Storytelling

By Lionel Boscher | 03 oktober 2017

Just communicating the core Value Proposition is not enough. We need to engage the customer in our value delivery. Customers often need to experience the benefits provided by our product. In this Convey phase we choose how to support the customers buying our product, and how we support the sales organization to sell our products. For that, we will use some relevant tools,  and storytelling is surely among them.

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Value calculators - Show me the money!

By Martin Englund (Guest Blogger) | 22 december 2016

About the same time as Apple launched
the iPhone and Tom Cruse screamed “Show me the money” in his latest Hollywood production, I was given the task to convince the mobile operator community to drastically lower their prices on mobile data.

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Listening to the voice of the customer

By Guest Blogger: Ulf Bengtzelius | 12 oktober 2016

A good understanding and description of the voice of the customer is necessary but this doesn’t mean doing exactly as the customer says.

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Apple Watch: Its about the “Do” and that is Product Management’s Job

By David Fradin | 06 oktober 2016

In Mark Gurman’s piece about Apple Watch’s retail sales pitch (, he says that Apple is training its employees to focus on “three key features”.  And Apple tells their employees to:

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What Should a Product Marketing Manager Do?

By David Fradin | 15 september 2016

Finally a Definitive Definition of Roles and Responsibilities for a Product Marketing Manager

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Do: It is more than Demographics. Its about Behavior…What do people do?

By David Fradin | 01 september 2016

Many product managers and market research teams build their assumptions about customer requirements by asking the question “What do you need?” That is the wrong question. The question they should ask is “What do you do?”

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A structured approach in translating products into values: REAL CASE SCENARIO

By Luca de Stefano | 30 augusti 2016

What if the value proposition of your products comes out from a structured process with predictable quality, instead of from an improvised and self-made exercise?

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Optimize your product material for Sales!

By Ola Sennerdal | 01 augusti 2016

If you know where the customer is – it is possible to create relevant marketing.

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