IoT will tell you about your Product Management function

By Thomas Johansson | 17 januari 2017

The Product Management function comes in various forms and shapes across the industry. It may be tech-heavy, business oriented, strategic or down-to-earth. Young and old. A diverse crowd, usually quite good people. Many years in the same place.

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Use Six Spicey Keys to Ensure Product and Company Success

By David Fradin | 29 september 2016

Having trained thousands of product managers, product marketing managers and CXOs at various hardware, software, SaaS, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, retail and service companies worldwide–as well as managing hundreds of products and services through their product lifecycles–I’ve identified six key areas that insure product and company success.

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Should the Product Manager be accountable for success?

3 Reasons Why Product Management Should Have Revenue KPI:s and 3 Reasons Why Not

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Assessment to identify challenges

By Bo Tiderman | 31 maj 2016

It is always difficult to have an outside perspective when sitting on the inside.

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Increase innovation by leveraging your eco-system

By Lennart Landersten | 03 maj 2016

Coor Service Management created the market broadest portfolio with innovative products for Facility Management by leveraging eco-systems!

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How to treat Inbound Marketing like Product Management and get unbelievable results

To be a great product manager, you need to be the child who doesn’t eat the marshmallow (meaning discipline, patience, and vision). Fortunately, a company like Tolpagorni helps you develop your skills and abilities. I’ve seen it firsthand.

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Daily Product Management Pains

By Erik Bjernulf | 15 mars 2016

Which are the most common daily challenges for a product manager? In the 90-ties project management was established as a true profession with commonly required certification procedures. Today – we see a similar development for the product management role.

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What does a Product Manager need to manage a product leap?

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 29 februari 2016

The Product Managers’ answer to how you manage a product leap and other interesting findings from this year’s Product Management survey.

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What's your responsibility as a product manager?

By Kristin Svensson | 09 november 2015

The main responsibility of a product manager is to drive its product and product offering to success.

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4 reasons to introduce a Product Management Framework

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 28 oktober 2015

How do you assess your teams’ skills? A Product Management Framework is a vital tool when managing your Product Management team.

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