5 questions to Anna-Karin Lindblom, Director of Product management at FLIR Systems

By Sneha Barman | 07 februari 2018

On The Product Leadership Day 2018, 11 speakers will share their product management secrets. Learn more about one of them and meet Anna-Karin Lindblom from FLIR Systems.

Anna Karin is currently a Director of Product Management at FLIR Systems. She is a seasoned product manager with many years of experience in different parts of product management. She has worked with companies such as Ericsson, nWise and currently FLIR. She will be speaking about how early failures are important and learning from early market feedback, proof of concept and testing. Furthermore, she will talk about how to use these when building new products and new business models.

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Learn from the best!

By Kristin Svensson | 16 januari 2018

Product managers have never been more important for tech companies to stay ahead of competition and continuously create successful products. During Tolpagorni's 10 years in the field, we have come across outstanding Product managers who have made the difficult work look easy.

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Reflections from the Product Leadership Day 2016

By Magnus Billgren | 23 mars 2016

The theme for the Product Leaderhip Day 2016 was Product Leap. How can you increase the sales dramatically? What makes a product and an organization to make the Product leap?

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