Podcasts For all types of Managers

By Sneha Barman | 28 februari 2018

Here at Tolpagorni, we usually focus on Product Managers. However, today’s blogpost will be relevant for all types of managers. All managers have a few things in common with each other – managing a team of people and ensuring the project/product is completed. The podcast that I will be sharing below aren’t podcasts where they give you a list of how-tos, but rather they give examples using real situations faced or inspiring people who have made a change.

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The power of consistency

By Karl-Erik Carlström | 28 november 2017

We live in the time of information. In fact, we are exposed to so much information, in so many different channels at an extreme speed, there is no chance we can absorb it all. We survive by triaging the overflow of information into manageable groups of information: "Interesting", "Scrap Now" and "Maybe Later".

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What can you do to support your customers buying behavior?

By Karl-Erik Carlström | 07 november 2017

The purchasing journeys in the B2B arena are getting more and more complex. Since customers behavior are changing, it is becoming increasingly unproductive to stick to old traditional linear sales processes that many sales organizations are forced to follow. Why? Because your customer simply does not behave that way anymore. And these behaviors do not fit in the traditional sales funnel thinking.

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6 steps to convey your values using Storytelling

By Lionel Boscher | 03 oktober 2017

Just communicating the core Value Proposition is not enough. We need to engage the customer in our value delivery. Customers often need to experience the benefits provided by our product. In this Convey phase we choose how to support the customers buying our product, and how we support the sales organization to sell our products. For that, we will use some relevant tools,  and storytelling is surely among them.

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4  Steps to value based product marketing

By Jimmy Rosenberg | 12 juli 2016

A four step process to value excellence

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The answer to successful pricing and marketing:  Your Value Logic

By Magnus Billgren | 16 november 2015

Pricing is a new game. The market today allows many different pricing models.

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