Tooling – the KEY for defining the RIGHT product?



Product managers have many tasks on their plate. Finding Insights into future markets and advances in technology. Understanding user and buyer behavior. We define product strategies in alignment with overall corporate directions. A major task is to handle all incoming requirements  - and package them for execution in attractive product projects and releases.

To orchestrate a successful market introduction, we are doing our value engineering. Connecting product features with customer problems – how we can solve their pains and support improvements (gain). 

Other functional units in companies have their tools.  CRM systems in sales, engineering requirement tools in R&D, ERP systems for manufacturing etc.

What about product management?

The ISPMA states in their excellence level Product Planning Syllabus

“The tool landscape for Product Planning has not stabilized yet and is rapidly evolving.”

During the last few years we have seen quite a few new tools for product managers emerge. Most of them are tailored for software (SaaS) only and are somewhat limited for industrial applications.

Tools like:  Favro, Aha!, ProdPad, Productplan, Craft ..

Are they mature enough, configurable – and are they suitable for complex B2B products?

At the other end – we have the (now) traditional requirements tools like JIRA and excel.

The tooling landscape for product management is rapidly evolving. PM organizations should be following this development and make careful decisions on possible deployment.

 We at Tolpagorni are doing what we can to follow this development and are therefore gathering product managers from technology industries  to  find out together.  Sounds interesting? You'll find more info about that here, WORKING GROUP

We have compiled our top seven considerations as a starting point: 

Product Management Tooling


About The Author

Erik has extensive experience in product management, business management and development. Within the software, electronics and hardware, Erik has pursued commercial success.