Can you create emotions between your technology product and your customers?


Today I was really proud.
Ålö, one of our customer, sent me a link to a video presenting their new generation of products that now has been launched, and I was working with them putting together the definition of this generation a few years ago.

It is a nice example on the significance of connecting feelings and emotional/soft values when working with really “hard” products such as frontloaders for farming tractors. At the end of the video there is a bridge over to the technology, the product realization and the Values in focus with the new generation, pointed out in a pedagogic and graphic way.

It is really inspiring to see what came out of all the head scratching, trying to get a grip on the huge “heap” of requirements and customer feed-back collected from the customers and the sales organization. An approach was needed and a segmentation model was defined. With a segmentation model in place it was much easier to structure the requirements and to see patterns and to relate ideas about possible product value concepts to be used to create a product differentiation.



Really cool video, isn't it?! :-)

Can you establish a relationship between your technology product and your customers? If you can do that and relate the product value logics to these emotions - you have a winner! I think this video is a perfect example in how to create this bound. Yes, I am really proud to have been part of the team!



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