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Product managers have never been more important for tech companies to stay ahead of competition and continuously create successful products. During Tolpagorni's 10 years in the field, we have come across outstanding Product managers who have made the difficult work look easy.

To the Product Leadership Day (an international conference where we transform ideas into action), we have handpicked speakers from all over the globe whom we think can learn and inspired you and your team. 

The speakers have promised they will share their secrets to success as well as challenges and failures - and how to avoid them.



Let me introduce you to our speakers

LAURA CARDINAL General Manager at XERO. Laura, from Australians, will join us in Stockholm to talk about the importance of the Product managers being great leaders for our teams - often without formal authority. Read more about laura on her Linkedin post about the same topic: "Don’t screw up the potential of diverse teams with the wrong leaders"

MARKUS ERIKSSON  Business Developer, SANDVIK COROMANT. First time I listened to Markus was when he spoke at our conference in 2015 about how to make money on IoT. Back then he worked at Scania connecting over 250 000 trucks. He is now at Sandvik to work with their digitalization of tools. Listen to what doe's and don'ts Markus will apply when starting over at Sandvik starting with 0 connected tools.

DARIUSH GHATAN Founder of PIVOT. When talking to Dariush you want whatever he is taking - he is one of the fastest talking and inspiring innovators I have talked to. Dariush is a serial entrepreneur working with innovation in a practical way for years. Darius is one of our Keynote speakers at the conference and will talk about how to do everyday innovation. Read Dariush here "F*ck ideas. It is all about shipping, deploying and applying".




HEATHER KAY Global product Manager, TOBII PRO. I meet Heather at a UX conference we hosted in 2013 when she was then head of a UX team at Tobii. Today Heather is working as a Product manager at Tobii Pro, and she will share with us the secrets all PM's wish they knew about UX and what UXers need to know about Product management. So be sure to listen closely, this you don't want to miss! Tobii is perhaps also one of the coolest tech companies right now, view this video with Heather when she worked with Tobii Pro glasses

PETTER JOHNSON Product Manager, ARBETSFÖRMEDLINGEN or the Swedish Public Employment Service as it's called in English, has during the past few years under undertaken vast changes digitalizing one of the largest institutions in Sweden. Petter will share his experience working with the new digital services bringing Swedish employment services into the era of digitalization in an agile way.

SAEED KHAN Founder, TRANSFORMATION LAB. From Canada to Sweden we have invited Saeed Khan - a thought leader in the Product management arena. He has worked over 20 years in Product management in Silicon Valley and Canada. Saeed and I had a long discussion about the right topic to share with you and after reading his blogpost THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO PRODUCT MARKETING OPTIMIZATION so we warmly welcome Saeed to Sweden to be a Keynote and talk about "Optimizing Product Marketing in your Organization."




ANNA-KARIN LINDBLOM Director Product Management, FLIR SYSTEM. When I looked at Anna-Karins Linkedin I got hooked on a line in bio where she wrote:"Developing new business opportunities from a product and market perspective." When we started talked she explained to me that they have developed a process at FLIR to identify for next-generation products from 3 different verticals: Market, UX and Technology. Anna-Karin will tell you how that works during the conference.

NIKLAS ROSVALL Chief Product Officer, BENIFY. Benify is the fastest growing HR tech company in Europe. What has made them so successful? What decisions have then been forced to take on the journey to success? Niklas is hard not to like, but beside that he is an excellent CPO and will share his analysis on how Product management have been core in this success.




LOVE THYRESSON Product Manager, NET INSIGHT. Love is truly passionate about technology and combining that with his love for humans - you become a darn great product manager! Love has worked in product management for years at both large enterprises and startups. Love will share his view on the product management role and function - perhaps you agree or disagree. That you will find out during the conference.

MAGNUS BILLGREN Founder & CEO, TOLPAGORNI. Last but not least we will be listening to a talk by the man who started Tolpagorni out of true thurst of knowing more about product management. Magnus has spent the last 10 years digging deep, real deep, into technology companies in B2B to find out what product management is at its core and why it makes a difference. Get into the head of Magnus prior to the conference by reading his Blog posts.

I hope that you got a better idea of who's coming to this year's Product Leadership Day on the 22nd of March 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. Join our community of product managers, go and get your ticket today!


 See you in March! 

About The Author

Kristin is Chief Education Officer and responsible for the training wing at Tolpagorni, including public and onsite trainings, conferences and eLearning. She has previously worked at PM-China establishing the first product management conferences in Shanghai and Beijing with speakers from companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Pinterest. She has a BA in International Politics and Economics and a minor MBA from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. She has working experience from NGOs in Eastern Africa and in the hi-tech training business from China.