How to communicate a crisp product value?


-In my current assignment as interim vP product management we often discuss how to communicate THE VALUE of our product.

Value Tree

Why do I want this new product in the roadmap?  Why should our target buyers decide for our product?

What is so special compared to competition?

 We work with various channels – both F2F meetings with Key accounts and thru virtual channels, eg internet marketing using social media such as Youtube and Facebook. In a growing global organization it is vital that everybody is on the same page – our message to the market needs to be consistent over time (and channels) to be credible and trustworthy.

 The Value Tree tool is promising to deliver exactly this! Please check it out yourselves – and try it on your product.

 Build your own Value Tree

A small word of warning though – it might seem very simple at first glance but my experience is that you should expect to spend some time to get it right. Make it perfect in steps – using iterations involving key people from product management and marketing!

 Good luck!

Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or comments on the Value Tree. Or if you want help in implementing it on your products. 

Erik Bjernulf
Interim vP Product Management, Profoto AB, Sweden

About The Author

Erik has extensive experience in product management, business management and development. Within the software, electronics and hardware, Erik has pursued commercial success.