Finding the Hidden Values


Discover customer values in your product – that are critical for success

Why does the customer not see the Hidden_Value_3-853418-edited.pnggreatness of our product offering? You hear "Sales" have problems reaching out to the intended customers despite the fact that you have created marketing content with the help of identified product values and giving them all the needed marketing material. Have we forgot something in our communication? Are the identified values communicated not relevant for the target market?

In my work, creating smart marketing content for products, I invest plenty of time and energy to discover and define all the values that are relevant for an identified Target market or Persona. This is a vital issue for marketing. The realization of value is the strength of our offer to the market and the communication is often built on it. But simply listing all the values is not enough. What are the relevant and most important values for the customer? How do I know I haven’t missed any values that are key for the market segments that I have selected as most important? 

I go one step further usinga systematic approach to discover and define values but also their interrelationships – the Value logic. The Value logic describes how values are interconnected to each other based on how they relate. By doing this I get an ability to discover “hidden” values that many times are lost in the communication but are very important for the customer. I will be able to see if many well-known benefits, features & values are related to an important key value that is not yet communicated.

Being a product manager and always close to the product can often make you blind in seeing (obvious) values in the product offering that customers really care about. The customer need can also change from when the first time a value analysis was created. External factors may also change the customer’s pains and gains. As the technology matures the customers buying behavior will also change. If you have a value logic with clear interrelationships and rationale, it will be easier to see how all values relate or if you forgot some key values. It will also improve the ability to adjust your communication to the changing customer needs.

Creating a value logic and discovering hidden values has really helped me in the work of creating relevant marketing content. It has also improved the impact capability in the market communication I designed. Try it out yourself on your product!

To summarize, use a systematic approach to discover and define relevant product values, their interrelationships – the value logic and be able to discover hidden values in your products.


About The Author

Ola Sennerdal is a product marketing specialist who knows both the marketing aspects as well as the technology and has been assessing company readiness and implementing product launches.