Elin Kindberg, Winner of Golden Sock Award 2018


The Golden Sock Award is presented to a product manager who is the Everyday Hero. We believe all product managers are everyday heroes. However, for this year’s GSA is given to specific hero has been nominated by her colleague. She has been said to have “a passion for understanding the needs of the customers and involves the whole organization pragmatically to ensure success of the product” and is able to “Manage important balance act between market insights, strategy, vision, research and development.”

Elin Kindberg-Alone_Winner_GSA2018.jpgElin Kindberg is a Senior Product Manager for Digital Pathology at Sectra Imaging IT solutions. She has been working for the last 5 years in various positions of product management. Before her journey into product management, she also holds an impressive portfolio where she has a PhD in Molecular Virology and Masters in Medical Biology.

Here is a short interview with our GSA winner, Elin Kindberg, by our colleague Sneha Barman.

Sneha – Congratulations on winning the Golden Sock award! How are you feeling?

Elin - Thank you very much! Yes, I do feel I'm very happy and humbled for receiving this award.

What would you like to say to a future PM who might be running for this award?

What I think is really important as a product manager is to keep the engagement with the customer and to make sure that you don’t only get focused on the products but actually really make sure that you understand what the product does for your customer and what the customer data problems are.

How will you be celebrating?

I will be celebrating with some nice food here (conference). But I will actually be celebrating with my family. I feel really proud. It is a really nice rewarding feeling.

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Nominations for GSA 2019 are already open and the GSA is presented to the winner on the next edition of the Product Leadership Day. Please share it around with your colleagues and next year you could be the winner of the Golden Sock Award!

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