Thomas Johansson

Thomas Johansson is a seasoned product planner and product strategist with hands-on experience within B2B and Industry. Thomas has been responsible for product management and in that capacity worked with product planning, product strategies and portfolio management within the Telecommunications industry for more than a decade. Prior to this he was in charge of Product Development. His experience covers a wide range of activities related to Product Management, such as the marketing aspects, R&D, technology challenges, product launches, and how to handle the later stages of the product life cycle in a complex product portfolio.
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IoT will tell you about your Product Management function

By Thomas Johansson | 17 januari 2017

The Product Management function comes in various forms and shapes across the industry. It may be tech-heavy, business oriented, strategic or down-to-earth. Young and old. A diverse crowd, usually quite good people. Many years in the same place.

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It's a bright product - Because it is new!

By Thomas Johansson | 26 juli 2016

The luxury of managing a new product! The excitement, the high interest, the novelty effect that makes people so committed. The R&D budget is not in question...

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The Product Manager – Master of Everything?

By Thomas Johansson | 04 juli 2016

Core skills matter when recruiting the rare breed!

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