Magnus Billgren

Magnus's profession is to turn technology into selling products. He has worked with product management for more than 20 years with electronics, software, services and hardware and is a thought leader within high performance Product Management.
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Managing Your Wild Portfolio

By Magnus Billgren | 06 september 2016

All too often we see companies with great products but mediocre profits. Time after time we identify the reason as a wild portfolio. 

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What are the Driving Forces in your industry?

By Magnus Billgren | 28 juni 2016

What if you could predict the future of your industry?  

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Reflections from the Product Leadership Day 2016

By Magnus Billgren | 23 mars 2016

The theme for the Product Leaderhip Day 2016 was Product Leap. How can you increase the sales dramatically? What makes a product and an organization to make the Product leap?

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Landing your dream job in Product Management

By Magnus Billgren | 03 mars 2016

The Tolpagorni mission is to increase salaries of Product Managers. We believe that money represent the best indicator for the value we deliver in our role. (I have however met more than one CEO where this indicator was not relevant).

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A 5 point Strategy towards Product Revitalization

By Magnus Billgren | 11 januari 2016

There is a hidden strategy that we often find among the top performing product managers in technology intensive businesses. The strategy enables growth with limited R&D resources.  The strategy is being used by the smartest Product Managers in the world.

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Finding the Joy with Agile Product Management

By Magnus Billgren | 14 december 2015
- Many Product Managers find themselves overloaded with work as Agile has been introduced
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The Agile Temptation

By Magnus Billgren | 07 december 2015

- Have you ever heard the phrase:  “I thought Agile meant that we could quickly respond to requests.” ? Then this blog is for you!

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Is Product Management slowing Agile down?

By Magnus Billgren | 02 december 2015

- Will the increased speed directly result in a revenue increase. Just because the development went agile does it mean that the customer contracts went agile? No...

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5  Steps to Remarkable Growth 

By Magnus Billgren | 02 december 2015

Has your CEO told you to increase the sales of your portfolio? And increase the margins? How much is your product sales increasing over next three years? Three fold? Ten times? Have You planned for success? Can you plan for success?

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How to Develop Product Strategy for IoT Business?

By Magnus Billgren | 25 november 2015

- Three insights on how to develop product strategies for IoT businesses 

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