Luca de Stefano

Luca is a senior manager in the Telco Core area, heading the Value Creation and Sales Readiness activities for User and IoT Data Management and Analytics products. With 20 years of experience in the Telco industry, Mr. Luca De Stefano has driven lot of customer engagements and strategic deals, being part of many steering committees and review boards for international tenders. He always promoted the adoption of innovative methods and tools for customer engagement activities and he recently implemented the new model based on the four phases of value creation cycle: discover, design, connect and convey.
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A structured approach in translating products into values: REAL CASE SCENARIO

By Luca de Stefano | 30 augusti 2016

What if the value proposition of your products comes out from a structured process with predictable quality, instead of from an improvised and self-made exercise?

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