Karl-Erik Carlström

Karl-Erik is coordinator at Tolpagorni Marketing Factory which creates a value based marketing content for your high tech company.
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How you can improve the way you communicate?

By Karl-Erik Carlström | 05 december 2017

In my last blog post I talked about the information overflow we all experience in our life’s today. That there is a challenge for marketing to get through the “noise” to the customers with the message. I mentioned the importance of being consistent in your communication, that consistency and frequency are important factors in all channels, but even more important in social media channels. I also talked briefly about “Theme Communication” and how that is one way of making your communication consistent. I thought it would be good to explain some more details in that concept.

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The power of consistency

By Karl-Erik Carlström | 28 november 2017

We live in the time of information. In fact, we are exposed to so much information, in so many different channels at an extreme speed, there is no chance we can absorb it all. We survive by triaging the overflow of information into manageable groups of information: "Interesting", "Scrap Now" and "Maybe Later".

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What can you do to support your customers buying behavior?

By Karl-Erik Carlström | 07 november 2017

The purchasing journeys in the B2B arena are getting more and more complex. Since customers behavior are changing, it is becoming increasingly unproductive to stick to old traditional linear sales processes that many sales organizations are forced to follow. Why? Because your customer simply does not behave that way anymore. And these behaviors do not fit in the traditional sales funnel thinking.

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