Erik Bjernulf

Erik has extensive experience in product management, business management and development. Within the software, electronics and hardware, Erik has pursued commercial success.
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Work split in your Product Management Team

By Erik Bjernulf | 19 oktober 2016

. Pros and cons with clear responsibilities. How far should you  as head of product management go by dividing responsibilities in your product management team

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Using Driving Forces to understand long term scenarios

By Erik Bjernulf | 04 oktober 2016

How to understand requirements for new military aircraft to be operational 30 years into the future.

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Conway’s law for Product Management

By Erik Bjernulf | 27 september 2016

Mitigating the risk of being out-of-phase

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Does it make any difference who the (product) manager is?

By Erik Bjernulf | 14 september 2016

Skills sets required from a successful Product Manager

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3 Steps to a Successful Phase-out of Products

By Erik Bjernulf | 21 juni 2016

- Planning for the Product life cycle. Which is most important: Phase-in or Phase-out of products?

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Is segmentation a marketing or product planning tool?

By Erik Bjernulf | 17 maj 2016

Segmentation is often an area causing a lot of confusion or even unwelcome conflicts for product managers. In some organizations “Market segmentation” is seen as a pure marketing tool and would be the responsibility of the marketing department.

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Where should I invest my time?

By Erik Bjernulf | 26 april 2016

School book theory says you can only benefit from an investment if it is made in the bottle neck. How about using the concept in personal planning?

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How should a PM define Product quality?

By Erik Bjernulf | 05 april 2016

We often talk about the importance of quality. “High quality is mandatory in the competitive landscape of the 21st century”. “We achieve customer satisfaction through our high quality products”. But what is quality all about – can it be too high – and what is the responsibility of the Product Manager?

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What should a Product Manager do?

By Erik Bjernulf | 22 mars 2016

Right now I am supporting a number of technology companies where the product management organization is being established. Successful startups or more mature organizations where management want to migrate from a project (single-customer) focus to a product (multiple customers in a market) focus.

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Daily Product Management Pains

By Erik Bjernulf | 15 mars 2016

Which are the most common daily challenges for a product manager? In the 90-ties project management was established as a true profession with commonly required certification procedures. Today – we see a similar development for the product management role.

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