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The role of a Product Manager is incredibly crucial; however the roles and responsibilities has its grey areas. There have been different analogies of a product manager, from the CEO of the product to the parent. But, what it truly means is that they know the ins and outs of the product even in their sleep.

 Below is an example of a responsibility of a product manager from the website

Responsibilities - As a product manager, you will:

  • take overall responsibility for the success of your product;
  • contribute towards product strategy and vision;
  • meet regularly with all stakeholders, including product developers, marketing, customer service, finance and company heads;
  • collect, analyse and respond to user feedback;
  • manage one or more budgets;
  • gather and evaluate ideas and opinions;

This is the first requirement of a product manager, which really does sound like the CEO of the product. But unlike a CEO, they do not have any admin assistant, board of directors and an executive leadership team to support them.
Therefore, this group is being stretch too thin due to the requirements of their product that it becomes hard to prioritize. Like every parent, having full responsibility over the product makes it is easy to stray away from one’s responsibilities and do someone else’s work!

This seems to be the problem of most product managers in every industry. With the variation of roles as a product manager, it has become as unique as a thumbprint. Trying to do an intensive Google Search on ‘Roles and Responsibilities of a Product Manager’ would only lead to more confusion and frustration.

Don’t do it, I say this for your mental health! There is a useful framework which is slightly more dynamic than the other frameworks in the market. I have found it to be quite easy to understand as well. The International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA) is an open non-profit association of experts, companies, and research institutes with the goal to foster software product management excellence across industries.

ISPMA establishes software product management as a discipline in both academia and industry, and disseminates and maintains a Curriculum and a Certifiable Body of Knowledge (SPMBOK). The SPMBOK is documented in syllabi that are the basis for training courses and certification exams.


Recently, Tolpagorni held a webinar where we expand on the framework further and explain the possible roles and responsibilities of a Product Manager. Thereby, guiding new and experienced Product Managers to have a more streamlined and efficient approach to making a magical product! If you feel lost or buried in work and need some guidance on how to take the next step forward, feel free to watch the recording of this 30 minutes webinar.

We created a quick guide to strenghten you in your role as product manager, download the document for free.

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