5 great readings which made me discover what Product Management is!


For a few months now, I have been discovering the wonderful world of Product Management. During my previous experience in different Marketing positions at French technology companies, I have been working on Value Definition, Marketing communications, Customer service, Technical support or Sales without being fully aware they were all part of a whole: the Product Management Domain.

Working for Tolpagorni AB has showed me that Product Management must be the focus of your business. Product Management is a wide range of strategic to operational activities which should lead to building the right product. A successful product.

At the intersection between Business, Technology and UX

what_is_a_product_manager-300x246.pngThe product manager is in charge of creating a great product which will resolve the customer's problems. A perfect overview of the job is presented by Martin Eriksson in the article "What, exactly, is a product manager?in which he defines Product Management as the intersection of business, technology and user experience.
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Setting Strategy and Product Vision

The role of Product Manager requires a strategy but also a vision for his product. Not something only based on his gut feelings. A product vision is even the cornerstone of the strategy and will inspire as much the development team as the stakeholders like Roman Pichler explained in his post: "8 tips for creating a compelling product vision".

Making Strategic goals come true

Then the product manager will have to cross the bridge between vision and reality to enter in what is maybe the core of his responsibilities: product planning. How to define WHAT product should be developped in different ways are described by my colleague Erik Bjernulf in his post about roadmapping.

Make your product succeed in the market

After gathering, analyzing, prioritizing, explaining, leading, evangelizing, the product manager will be able to bring the product to the market. Like the previous stages, he will have to "hope for the best and plan for the worst" by creating a successful product launch which includes budget, positioning, pricing and all the deliverables and avoiding as many mistakes as possible: "Why Most Product Launches Fail".

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So let's resume! Product management is a challenging area where you have to perform in strategy, execution and leadership. Product managers define and build such amazing products that all of their customers will be thrilled to buy them. Why? Because they will love them for effective reasons as defined by Brian de Haas.
I now understand better why product managers say they have the best job ever. How about you, do you have any recommended readings to help me dig deeper into this wonderful world?


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