There is no point having a good content marketing strategy if you don't use it!

By Lionel Boscher | 24 april 2018

This is not new to us. Content Marketing is the key. If you produce good content, you will generate a lot of leads or drive more traffic to your website. This is quite obvious… At least, on paper! A recent survey* showed that 76% of Nordics Companies work with content strategy but only 50% claimed they are successful at Content Marketing. And, this is probably because large parts of the companies create content without relying a true strategy. Here are 5 tips you can use to define your own content marketing strategy.

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Speed Strategies to Vitalize your Existing Products

By Petra Färm | 17 april 2018

Ever heard any of these?

  • “How come this start-up has delivered a platform in two weeks and we can’t deliver a feature in one year?”
  • “Services has created so many add-ons to our code that we can’t afford upgrades anymore.”
  • “Yes, we delivered fast. And yes, the quality was crap and we will have to redesign for next release.”
  • “Sales did it again. Sold something we don’t have.”
  • “We missed the market, the customers didn’t want a coffee cup, they wanted a beer jug.”
  • “Why aren’t we more innovative.”
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If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up somewhere else.

By Henrik Johnssson | 10 april 2018

If you’re a new product manager in a high-tech business, you’ve probably realized by now that your role is a very demanding one. While you may be held accountable for strategy, planning, development and marketing, you very rarely have the direct authority to implement any of your decisions. So how do you stay cool, calm and collected while delivering the maximum value for your company?

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Communicating your roadmap

By Sneha Barman | 04 april 2018

Ever wondered how to effectively communicate your roadmap to different stakeholders? Do you even know who your stakeholders are?

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Elin Kindberg, Winner of Golden Sock Award 2018

By Lionel Boscher | 28 mars 2018

The Golden Sock Award is presented to a product manager who is the Everyday Hero. We believe all product managers are everyday heroes. However, for this year’s GSA is given to specific hero has been nominated by her colleague. She has been said to have “a passion for understanding the needs of the customers and involves the whole organization pragmatically to ensure success of the product” and is able to “Manage important balance act between market insights, strategy, vision, research and development.”

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Trends of 2018 in Product Management

By Sneha Barman | 27 mars 2018

The Product Leadership Day, that was held on 22 March 2018 had brought in about 200 participants with 10 speakers. We had a wonderfully beautiful mix of product managers from tech start-ups, larger corporation and the public sectors. With product managers from such diverse background, sector and industries it had given us an interesting insight into how different all they are and what they are talking about in their companies.

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Professional Networking and Collaboration

By Sneha Barman | 20 mars 2018

More and more in recent years, people are moving away from traditional methods of networking towards a more collaborative approach. The days of meeting people in a bar or social setting and exchanging business cards are on the way out – mostly because people tend to forget who they’ve spoken to within a few minutes of each encounter.

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“I am not your b%$#!” said every product manager ever.

By Sneha Barman | 13 mars 2018

Are you a product manager under a huge amount of stress as a result of doing other’s people’s work? Then this one’s for you! It’s also for other departments who think they understand what a product manager does, but actually have no idea. 

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Win a Free Ticket to The Product Leadership Day!

By Kristin Svensson | 06 mars 2018

You heard it right! We are giving out a free ticket to The Product Leadership Day 2018, our conference for Product Managers that will happen on the 22nd of March!

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Podcasts For all types of Managers

By Sneha Barman | 28 februari 2018

Here at Tolpagorni, we usually focus on Product Managers. However, today’s blogpost will be relevant for all types of managers. All managers have a few things in common with each other – managing a team of people and ensuring the project/product is completed. The podcast that I will be sharing below aren’t podcasts where they give you a list of how-tos, but rather they give examples using real situations faced or inspiring people who have made a change.

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